The first thing you encounter in our offices is the sign in the photo below. It’s a bit-sized version of our company vision.


Here it is in full:

To uplift people and personalise spaces by the continuous improvement of lives, products and services through passionate and inspirational design.



I wrestle with these words daily to keep our organisation maturing in its pursuit. As a company operating in South Africa, we recognise the importance of upholding human rights principles, in a country that desperately requires this of every organisation that operates in her borders. We do this always, but especially on Human Rights Day. Here are just five reasons why – responsibilities that guide our organisation:



  1. Equality and Non-Discrimination: We promote diversity and inclusion, ensuring equal opportunities for all employees, and treating everyone with fairness and respect. Don’t take my word for it. Take a walk through our factory and it’ll become immediately evident. Everyone can have their say, they just have to back it up with action.
  2. Respect for Human Dignity: We uphold the dignity of every individual and strive to create a work environment free from harassment and exploitation. No matter the stress-levels. No matter the deadline. Because people come before products.
  3. Labour Rights: We prioritise the safety and well-being of our employees, provide fair wages, and uphold their rights. Again, safety isn’t always easy to achieve in the manufacturing context, but nothing is worth endangering a human life for.
  4. Community Engagement: We engage with local communities, respect their rights, and contribute to their social and economic development. We don’t operate in a vacuum. What’s the evidence? First and foremost, we’ve hired staff out of those communities. Come and meet them or browse our website. You’ll see their inspiration and ‘fingerprints’ all over the products we’re incredibly proud to produce.
  5. Accountability and Transparency: We are transparent about our human rights policies and practices, hold ourselves accountable for any violations, and take steps to address grievances and remedy any adverse impacts. It’s no accident that our vision to uplift ALL is printed at the entrance to our work space. It reminds everyone – design staff, manufacturing staff, admin staff, and management – what to expect of others and themselves in our environment.


These points may sound obvious. But for too long, certain communities and people groups have been severely neglected and ignored in South Africa. That is why we align with and hero these principles of Human rights today.



In short: At C&G Group we pride ourselves on never turning down a challenge. But we never turn away from our values and mission. We have a responsibility to honour rights that were so hard-won. To live up to the struggle for them, not just pay it all lip service.


If you want to find out more about us give me a call, or stop by – we will be happy to help you.


Chris De Wet – Director at C&G Group.